Introduction to the PSIM Software

The first article of my blog is the introduction of PSIM software. PSIM is a simulation software developed by Powersim Inc. PSIM is designed for power electronics, motor control, and simulation of dynamic systems. The following add-on Modules are provided for PSIM:

- Motor Drive Module: For electric motor drive
- Digital Control Module: For analysis of digital control systems in z-domain
- SimCoupler Module: For co-simulation with Matlab/Simulink
- Thermal Module: For loss calculation and thermal analysis of switching devices
- MagCoupler Module: For dynamic link with finite element analysis software JMAG
- MagCoupler-RT Module: For link with JMAG-RT data files
- SimCoder Module: For automatic code generation for specific DSP hardware

In addition, PSIM supports links to third-party software through custom DLL blocks.

The overall PSIM environment is shown as follows:

Some add-on modules doesn't exist in previous versions.
As I write this article, Powersim Inc. has released version 8.0.5 with additional features such as:

The Index is added to both the PSIM and SimCoder User Manuals, network licenses can have the license manager run either as an application or a service, and in metafile images, the quality of text in schematic files is greatly improved.
A key new feature of Version 8 is the SimCoder Module. With SimCoder, one can simulate a system in PSIM first, then generate C code automatically for specific DSP hardware.

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